Ep 224 (Video): If Freud Worked Tech Support

MichaelPersonality, Therapy5 Comments

A humorous way to learn about the Freudian defense mechanisms (actually elaborated by Anna Freud) of Displacement, Denial, Sublimation, Reaction Formation, and Projection. A little dream analysis thrown in. Who knows? Maybe Sigmund Freud would have been good at customer service…(technically, this is a video version of episode 209).



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5 Comments on “Ep 224 (Video): If Freud Worked Tech Support”

  1. Thanks Michael. This was a fun episode to make for sure. I've been brainstorming on other episodes like this. The Crazy Talk program that I used to create this is a very cool facial animation tool.

  2. This is fantastic, Michael! What a great way to illustrate his concepts.

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