Ep 194: What Do I/0 Psychologists Really Do?

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What do I/0 psychologists do anyway? Are you interested in this subfield of psychology? Well, here are a few things they DON’T do: they don’t do “therapy in the workplace” and they don’t do “motivational speaking“. It’s not what you think. Industrial/Organizational psychology is practiced by professionals who’s goal is to make sure that employees are productive and – and here’s what I’ll focus on in this episode – that job applicants are chosen based upon the skills and personality characteristics that are relevant to the jobs they are applying for. Find out more in this episode of The Psych Files.

Resources on Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • It’s essential to understand the concept of test reliability
  • Another foundational concept that I/O psychologists – indeed all psychologists – must learn is test validity
  • Of course, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of correlations is vital to the I/O psychologists and in this example I use tricky topic of what creates job satisfaction.

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