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Episode 89: Don’t Touch That Dial! Why You Should Love Commercials

Watching commercials actually increases your enjoyment of the show. Do you believe it? Did you, like myself, pay good money on a Tivo or video digital recorder just so you could avoid commercials? Well, before you skip passed those commercials check out this episode of The Psych Files.

…we propose that commercial interruptions can actually improve the television viewing experience. Although consumers do not foresee it, their enjoyment diminishes over time. Commercial interruptions can disrupt this adaptation process and restore the intensity of consumers’ enjoyment. — Nelson, Meyvis & Galak

Resources for this Episode

    • In this video from the Tedtalks website, Dan Gilbert talks about how we get used to (habituate) both good and bad things that happen to us in our lives.



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    March 15, 2009

    […] listening to another Michael Britt cast on the Psych Files, called Episode 89: Don’t Touch That Dial! Why You Should Love Commercials, I learnt something that i never thought could be true; commercials during your show make it […]

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    March 15, 2009

    […] a listen here: Episode 89: Don’t Touch That Dial! Why You Should Love Commercials © 2009 Jeff Galak | Designed by Vercingetorix Technologies Pvt […]

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