Episode 78: The Psychology of Tipping

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Picture of a waitressHow can waiters increase their tips? Would you believe psychologists have devoted a great deal of research to this question? We’ve looked at the effect of smiley faces, touching, crouching, telling jokes, giving customers a fun task to do, and drawing suns on checks (yes, suns). Join me as we take a look at what waiters and waitresses can do to increase the amount of the tip their customers give them.

Web Resources on How to Increase Your Tips

  • One of there researchers listed below and an experienced “…bartender, busboy, and waiter..” is William Michael Lynn. His website has a good deal of information about what you can do to increase your tips.

Research Articles on the Psychology of Tipping

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5 Comments on “Episode 78: The Psychology of Tipping”

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  2. Nicholas: thanks for your very kind words. I hope your younger brother can use this episode to make a little more money for college! And you’ve only listened to 100 episodes? Got 80+ to go! thanks again

  3. Hello Michael,

    First time commenting on your blog although I’ve listened to almost 100 episodes of your amazing show! I’m a fellow podcaster and positive psychologist, so I’m happy to finally be here thanking you for sustained efforts and generosity!

    The reason I’m here outside of iTunes is because my younger brother’s getting himself through college as a waiter and was thinking, “HE HAS TO LISTEN TO THIS!” So I’m sharing the link with him — perhaps you’ll get another listener!

    Thanks again for your generosity & your wonderful show! You’re a star!

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