Memorize Erikson’s Eight Stages

Need to memorize Erikson’s Eight stages of psychosocial development? I’ve got a video in which I share a mnemonic device using the pegword system. You may want to alter them a bit to make them more memorable for you.

This mnemonic won’t teach you what happens in each of the different stages – for that you’re going to have to study the theory. However, this should help you keep the order of the stages right.

Video Episode on How To Memorize Erikson’s Stages

    Check out what else is available on The Psych Files podcast – the podcast for anyone taking or teaching a psychology class or for anyone interested in how psychological theory can be seen in everyday life.

    A lot more information and examples for Erikson’s theory can be found in three episodes of The Psych Files. Click to go to a page containing all of these episodes on Erik Erikson.

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