Facts about Michael:

  • Current adjunct Psychology teacher at Marist College (Poughkeepsie, New York USA). Have also taught Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology, History and Systems of Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Program Evaluation and Educational Psychology.
  • Currently runs B & E Productions, LLC – a mobile app and social media firm – from his home in Rhinebeck, New York.
  • I enjoy musical theatre, acting, singing, sci-fi, and, I admit it, zombie movies.
  • Husband and father of twin teenagers (so have pity on me).
  • You can reach me at: Michael [at] thepsychfiles dot com
  • I love mobile apps. Some of the apps I created:

    Better grades on your psych tests!

    The psychology test preparation app

    Stay Up-To-Date on Psychology!

    The psychology news app

    Quickly Memorize the Brain!

    The Brain Mnemonics app and eBook

    What is Psychology All About?

    The Psych Guide app for iOS and Android

    I love to explore how technology can be utilized in the teaching and learning process. It is out of that passion that I decided to start The Psych Files.

    Feel free to get in touch with me using this form:

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the working remotely episode. I’ve been working remote for some years and it’s a different way to work that’s for sure.

    As for anxiety disorders: I haven’t discussed that topic on the podcast. Feel free to email me if there’s something specific about it you’d like me to address: michael@thepsychfiles.com

  2. Michael,

    im relatively new to your podcast and already a huge fan.
    recently listened to episode 216 on remote working and being in a corporate environment for a long time I really had a nice chuckle at this recording.

    thanks for a great service.

    ps: perhaps I can ask if you can recall any episodes that talk about anxiety disorders?

    thanks so much

  3. Hello Michael!
    I have been listening to your podcasts for a while now, and I must say that I’ve learned so much! You make everything so easy to understand. Thank you for teaching us something new everyday. I chose psychology as a major because I have always found human behavior fascinating, and I must add that your episodes have helped me in college.
    Sending you a warm hug and a big thanks!

  4. Hi Michael!
    I just have to say you make your videos very easy to understand for kids like me. I’m not in college yet, in fact I’m still every bit a kid, and I love the study of psychology. I wanted to find a podcast that I could learn from; that would give me advanced information but in a way I could understand. And you’ve given me that! You’ve opened my eyes to a whole world of study and so I say: Thank you so much!

  5. Jackie: thanks so much for your very kind words. Those are my goals: make us all think a little bit more about what's going on around us, and, hopefully, do it in a way that is relaxed and inviting. Skeptoid is a wonderful podcast that I listen to as well. Our world needs as much critical thinking as it can get. Glad to hear that I hit the mark from time to time. Again thanks.


  6. Michael, I started listening to your podcast a few months ago on Stitcher and I am HOOKED! Critical thinking and human behavior are my favorite topics and you cover them both so well. You come off as reasonable, thoughtful and authentic with a sense of humor. You respect the listener and the material, and it really comes through in each episode. I love your conversational style, and the way you approach even delicate subjects like politics, with careful and thoughtful analysis – I love that you aren't snarky, but you can still find humor in any topic. My two favorite podcasts, the ones I can't do without, are Psych files and Skeptoid (which I have been listening to for years). Both emphasize critical thinking and an analytical look at human behavior. Please keep doing what you’re doing, and THANK YOU!

  7. Love the podcasts, only just recently found them out and have started listening to them in chronological order. I listen to them everyday during my walk to college. Currently studying Psychology at A level (btw I live in the UK, not sure how your educational system works in America but basically it’s what you do before you go to university to do your degree) and I’m going to university to study Applied Psychology this year. I have never been so sure about what I want to do with my life and since finding Psychology it has gave me direction and focus in life. I have an amazing Psychology teacher which makes the subject even more interesting and now I have found these amazing podcasts that has bolstered my fascination and interest in Psychology. So thank you for enlightening me every time I hear your podcasts and backing up and helping me with my Psychology studies.

    Thank you

    Harry Thomas
    North Wales, Great Britain.

  8. michael your podcast on memorizing the parts of brain is wonderful. I loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  9. I have to personally thank you. This website has been an immense boon to my GPA. Keep up the good work.

  10. Tom: thanks for your kind words about my Dark Matters appearance. Here’s another expression in addition to ‘as seen on TV’ – “the medium is the message” and I think this is true too. The medium – TV – conveys the message that this person or this product must be worth something. I’ve had fun telling people that I’m on TV – it’s fun. Whether it will lead to anything else, well, we’ll see. But in the meantime it’s fun. Again thanks for being a listener to the podcast.

  11. Just saw you on Dark Matters, you were great! I can see your theater experience coming through.

    You know that phrase advertisers use, ‘as seen on TV’? Implying that somehow, things on TV are somehow better? I thought it only applied to the gullible, but somehow it made my years of listening to your podcast seem validated. Maybe that’s a topic for another podcast… Anyway, congratulations.

  12. I’ll be sticking to doing mostly audio since that’s convenient for most people. Only video when necessary to show something off. Thank for the feedback!

    And as for Paul’s comment above about Ed Psych: absolutely you can get a degree in Ed Psych here in the US. Usually, people with that degree become teachers in college or administrators in k-12 schools.

  13. No problem! You are definitely on par with that show.

    I live rurally, so I have terrible (and ridiculously expensive) satellite broadband that is constantly dropping out. Plus, it’s got a pretty awful bandwidth cap — very limited. Sometimes I can get video content but that’s really not as often as I’d like.

    The other issue is that I simply don’t have the time to sit and watch a video… usually I listen to podcasts while I’m doing something else (running, cooking or what-have-you), whereas I actually have to sit down to watch a video. It’s not quite as convenient… but perhaps that’s just me.

  14. Jane: thanks for your comment. Glad I could be “on your side” when you argued with your teacher about Little Albert. A lot of psychology textbooks haven’t yet been updated with the latest findings regarding this famous study. And thanks for putting me up there with All in the Mind – that’s one of my favorite podcasts as well.

    Regarding video: I’m back and forth about this issue. It seems like everyone is using video these days and I enjoy doing video episodes, but I certainly don’t want to cut out people who find audio more convenient. Why does your Internet connection not allow you to watch video? Too slow I’m guessing?

  15. Hey Michael,

    Just want to say, thank you so, so very much for your podcast. It’s invaluable for my studies — I’m currently working my way through my last year of senior high school, and I’m planning to go into Psychology at university next year. Your episode on Little Albert has been of great assistance to me recently (I actually had an argument with my psych teacher over the ‘experiment’, so it was good to have you on my side!) and y’know, everything else you do. Your work is both inspirational and informative and that is hard to find! ABC’s ‘All in the Mind’ is one of the few other psych podcasts that has managed to hit all the right marks for me.

    Unfortunately there’s a good deal of your content I’m unable to access, as I can’t watch videos because of our internet connection, but still, the audio episodes are fantastic. There has been a lot more video content lately, so I’m hoping that for the sake of people like me you’ll continue with a strong audio output!

    Thank you!

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  17. Really enjoyed the podcast on the parts of the brain! It was funny but very useful at the same time… I will definitely not forget this now. thanks

  18. Thanks Ted. Really glad to hear that you’re enjoying the podcast. Thanks for the note.

  19. Im only 16 and really enjoy listening to your podcast. There very interesting and go deep into behind the lines of us as humans and our doings, whether we realize it or not.

  20. I cant find your last name to cite your podcast or other information on your website for a college class. How do I list you as a reference?


  21. My name is Ofer Zur, I am a psychologist and the director of the Zur Institute, which offers over 130 online CE courses at http://www.zurinstitute.com/homeonline.html . We are an APA Approved Sponsor too.

    We, at the Zur Institute, are working on an online course on the clinical application of your psychological Apps and wonder if I can interview you (via standard phone or Skype), for the course. (Only audio, not video interview.) I hope that such interview will increase the exposure of your important work on psychological apps. All I need from you is your short bio so I can introduce you and a list of 6-10 questions for me to ask you. The interview can be anything between 30 and 55 minutes.

    Please, let me know if you are willing to be interviewed, and if you are, what days and times might work for you.

  22. Michelle: you’re very kind. I’m going to have to read your comment whenever I can’t seem to find the motivation to get my butt in gear. Thank you so much!

  23. I just posted under your episode for Little Albert but had to again her, your work here is amazing, my friend. I can’t imagine how many people you have helped and assisted with the aspects of psychology! Please, keep this up as long as you are able to do so, its helping me like you just don’t know. Again, thank you thank you thank you!

  24. Maria and Amanda: thanks so much for your very kind comments! Guess I better get to work on the next episode. Maria: I have to admit that I am not familiar with Ehlers Clark or Brewin, so it looks like I’ve got some homework ahead of me. Thanks again to you both!


  25. Love your podcast! Took me a while to listen from the beginning, but now I’ve heard them all and am always impatient for the next.

  26. Hi Mike
    I think i am in love with you!! No seriously – i just discovered your website and your cast for memorising the parts and function of the brain. I was previously a psychiatrist but work now as a CBT therapist using trauma focused therapy using Ehlers Clark model. We are currently writing a course to teach the methods and i have spent days online searching for material to make the learning less ovewhelming, simple and fun. I had nearly given up when i happened on your site. You have re-kindled my passion for learning and teaching. my daughter is just starting an undergrad course in psychology and now it will be so much easier for her with your help. Do you have any other episodes that might help with understanding PTSD or Brewin’s dual processing theory? THANK YOU SO MUCH. PLEASE DON’T STOP!!!

  27. Hi Michael,
    I have enjoyed your podcasts a great deal over many years, but this is the first time I have visited your web pages (shame on me!). I was interested to find out that you taught educational psychology. I am an educational psychologist in Devon in the UK, (and also teach a little for the Open University.) I did not think there was a profession of ed psych in the USA – I thought you had school psychologists which I thought was the nearest to an EP. Is there a separate profession of Educational psychology?
    I really enjoyed your interview with Adele Faber, and this has set my off looking at her work again.
    Keep up the brilliant work: your podcasts are a real blessing.
    all the best


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