Taking a psychology class? Confused about Research Methods? Need to know the difference between positive and negative reinforcement or positive and negative punishment? Try this new audio tool I built which I call the "MAPPR". That stands for "Make A Personal Psych Review". Here’s what it does: I’ve selected two topics from an Intro Psych course: the scientific method (might be referred to as Research Methods in your textbook) and Learning. I chose what I think are the bold terms that most students of psychology would have to learn from these chapters. I put these terms into concept maps and then recorded my own explanations for what the terms mean. Then (not done yet) I put the concept map and the audio files into a small online application which allows you to choose only those terms you find difficult or which you want to review. So: on the map you click the terms you want to review and then click the "Play" button and hear my explanation of those terms. I challenge you to take it one step further: grab the audio as it plays from your computer (using Wiretap or Snagit) and then transfer it to your mp3 player and study on the go!

Click below to go to the "MAPPR":

Psychology Test Preparation Tool

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